Facials and Peels

Men’s Facials & Peels

After years of sunscreen, lotions, shaving cream, sun, and wind, your face develops a layer of dead skin the cuts off circulation and makes your wrinkles, acne, and blemishes more pronounced. By removing this dead layer of skin with a Peel, you stimulate new cell growth that improves tone, reduces scarring, acne scars, and age spots leaving you with younger, healthier skin.

Skincare for men is extremely beneficial because it helps calm the skin from shaving. Most men will shave their face every day or every other day, and a constant razor to your skin irritates your epidermis layer. Facials are also good for relieving tension, it is not uncommon for men to store tension and stress in their jaws, facial muscles, shoulders, and neck. Male facials counteract with their bodies natural oil production and also gives them proper hydration that they may not typically see elsewhere. 

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