Patient Information

New Patients

We always welcome new patients to our practice and encourage you to invite your friends and family.  Please call our office and we can discuss questions you may have regarding your dental health or we can arrange set up an appointment for you to see someone who can help you with your dental needs.

If you are a new patient to our practice or have not seen you in a while, in order to optimally assess your dental needs we recommend a full assessment called a comprehensive oral exam.  The exam is performed by one of our dental hygienists and the information is reviewed by one of our doctors and a treatment plan is developed. During this assessment you are examined from the neck up which includes your teeth, gums, jaw joint, bite as well as an oral cancer screening.  This information will not only serve as a basis to develop your personal treatment plan, but also function as a baseline to review your dental health from year to year and ensure that you remain in great shape.

Emergency Patients

If you are experiencing significant dental pain for whatever reason, we definately want to make that a priority and help you resolve it as quickly as we can. As a courtesy to our pre-scheduled patients, a phone call is requested for us to direct you in dealing with your dental emergency to reduce the waiting time for everyone.  This allows us to prepare for your visit so we can be as efficient as possible to get you out of any discomfort you may be experiencing and make a diagnosis regarding necessary treatment.

Appointment Protocol

Your appointment(s) is reserved specifically for you and we prepare ourselves for the upcoming treatment you require. We allot an appropriate amount of time for us to complete your treatment so we ask you kindly to notify us at least 48 hours prior to your appointment should there be a reason that you may require to change it.  We understand that unexpected situations arise and the advanced notice gives an opportunity to other patients to have their appointment moved up to an earlier date should they require it.
We try our best to run on schedule and ask that you can arrive to your appointment on time.  If you are late, we may have to reschedule your appointment so that other patients are not kept waiting.

Financial Policy

All patients receiving dental care at our practice are responsible to pay their balance for the services provided for them on the day of treatment.  We do not carry outstanding balances.  This is in an effort to maintain comfortable fees for you as well as to keep our administrative costs low.  We want to concentrate our time and energy on the dental care we provide.

If you have a insurance plan we are pleased to work with you in understanding and determining its contribution towards your treatment. At our practice we do take assigment of your dental benefits. This means that the you allow your insurance carrier to make a payment of allowable benefits directly to our office for the fees associated with the treatment provided.  By having this arrangement, you are not responsible for having to pay up front for your insurance provider’s monetary contribution towards your dental treatment. This eliminates having to go through the process of filing a claim with your insurance provider and wait to get reimbursed. You are only responsible for payment of fees for treatment that is not covered or exceeds the alllowance of your dental plan.

We accept cash, cheque, VISA and MasterCard.