Additional Services

Men’s Health and Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Our physician-guided hormone replacement service addresses adenopause , fatigue, libido issues, and erectile dysfunction. We offer a comprehensive and safe approach to diagnosing and treating hormonal irregularities, incorporating appropriate nutrients, lifestyle adjustments, supplementation, and hormone therapy. Additionally, we implement preventive screenings for heart disease and prostate cancer surveillance.

Women’s Health and Hormone Balancing: Our physician-guided approach includes saliva hormone analysis and optimization, along with the use of bioidentical hormone replacement when suitable, to address issues such as weight gain, bloating, hot flashes, and the prevention and management of osteoporosis. We emphasize body composition and core strength for successful aging.

Cardio Metabolic Health – Heart Attack Prevention Program: With coronary artery disease continuing to rise as a leading cause of mortality and morbidity in the United States, our focus is on advanced diagnostics using Cardiac IQ and Coronary Calcium scans.

This allows early identification of coronary artery disease, visceral adiposity, and insulin resistance, enabling us to recommend tailored exercise programs, nutrition plans, and supplements to prevent heart disease.

Microbiome and Gut Health Optimization: We promote gut health optimization through a balanced diet and appropriate supplements to heal the gut and foster a healthy microbiome.

Concierge Medicine: Coming soon to Nida Medspa is our Concierge Medicine program, which integrates functional medicine and anti-aging services to deliver an executive-level primary care experience tailored to your overall health needs.

Additional Treatments