Fractioned Radiofrequency

We at Nida Medspa are excited to offer Fractionated RF as a powerful, minimally invasive, ablative therapeutic alternative to aggressive laser treatments and therapies, with minimal downtime.

It involves treating one or more layers of the skin with heat, suction, and radiofrequency micro-pins to trigger collagen production and cell turnover. The treatment is highly innovative and has been used in Europe and Asia for years; it is FDA-approved for the treatment of deep-set wrinkles and acne scarring in the United States!

It is a suitable option for scarring treatments (acne or otherwise), stretch mark treatments, skin resurfacing, pigment removal. It can help lift sagging skin, improve tone, and texture, and promote facial rejuvenation. We love this for stubborn smoker lines, accordion lines, stretch marks, and acne scarring.

We can effectively treat the face, neck, décolletage, hands, arms, and abdomen. The treatment is relatively painless; we apply a potent topical numbing cream before your procedure.

What is the recovery and downtime?

Patients can anticipate approximately 1-4 days of “social downtime,” but you can function normally immediately after the procedure. The aftercare is pretty easy! Keep your skin clean and hydrated with Aquaphor or a similar emollient for 24 hours. Use a gentle wash and hydrator. You can apply makeup the following day. Avoid harsh products, strenuous exercise, and sun exposure for two days. Do not pick at your skin as it is healing. Apply sunscreen, SPF 50+, every 2 hours while in the sun, and avoid prolonged sun exposure for 30 days post-treatment.

How many treatments are recommended?

Treatments are scheduled 4-6 weeks apart, depending on the area being treated, and clients may start seeing results after as little as one treatment. You may need an additional 2 treatments, depending on the severity of your skin issue.

If you are considering this or any of our other anti-aging treatments, please schedule a consult with one of our excellent providers. We cannot wait to see you!

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